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Advertising Rates for Florida Models and Florida Actors websites.

NOTE 09/28/12 - As of September 27, 2012, advertising on Florida Models and Florida Actors is under review, and all future submissions are suspended. We will honor advertising agreements here on the classic archive section, but the information here is now for historical reference, and these terms will not apply to the new Florida Models site. Regardless of our future advertising options, some business categories which conflict with our affiliated companies and services are locked out for consideration. For example, Aurora PhotoArts, a photography and design company operating out the Tampa Bay area which we are directly affiliated with, has priority for all advertising in Florida for its markets, and all of that advertising is reserved for them; we will not allow any advertisments from any photographers or photography companies because of this. Regardless of our position on allowing advertising or not, this site will continue to be a free modeling resource, and no one is obligated to buy anything that we sell, or anything from our advertisers, to use this site. We will also let our readers know when we are affiliated with an advertiser.

The following is an archive for reference, only, as we are no longer accepting submissions for advertisers, until further notice.

Don't just get random hits, advertise your affiliated products or services to our targeted traffic! If your product or service needs to reach talent in this market, you have come to the right resource. We get over 4 million hits per year with the majority being from the regional Florida area. If you need to reach the entertainment market in Florida, this is the place to do it. You have the choice of either free or paid advertising options on two websites, with several plans to suit your advertising budget. We prefer to have both a website and an e-mail contact with your ad copy for the free links. We only accept advertising from companies that are specifically related to modeling/fashion and acting or photography for the entertainment industry, and do not post sites that contain adult content or nudity. We reserve the right to refuse advertising we think is inappropriate for our sites, links to adult sites, sites containing nudity, pay or membership sites, or sites under construction. All advertising inquiries are subject to review prior to approval. When emailing us, please remember to indicate which site you are interested in, and which category. There is only a one month minimum for paid advertising.

Free Link Categories: There is no charge to list your information on the following pages. Use the forms located at the bottom of the following five webpages to input your information to the Jobs or Model/Talent pages.
·Model Listings
·Modeling Jobs
·Talent Searches
·Talent Listings
·Talent Jobs

Paid Link Categories: There is a $5 fee to list your information on the following pages. Announcements are removed after approximately 5-6 months. Other links are removed after one year. Please email your ad by contacting us with the title 'paid ad', and include in the body of the email which website and location you want (i.e. Florida-Models.com, Announcements). You will be invoiced via PayPal International.
·Modeling Links
  -Announcements: If you want to list a job without a website, have an industry event, or an open call for talent, you can post your information here.
  -FL Agencies: Non-SAG or fashion agencies not listed on the Modeling Agencies page could advertise here.
  -Modeling Resources: If you offer products, services or information to models, add your link here.
  -FL Photographers: Photographers in Florida can advertise their website or services here.
  -Virtual Modeling & Talent Agencies: If your agency or management company is web-based, list your link here.
  -Other: Companies that offer products or services of interest to the modeling/entertainment community can advertise here.
·Industry Links
  -Announcements: Job listing that do not have a website can list here, as well as open calls and industry events.
  -FL Links: Florida-based entertainment industry-affiliated businesses can add their link here.
  -FL Photographers: Photographers in Florida can advertise their website or services here.
  -General Links: Companies that offer products or services that are of interest to the entertainment community can advertise here.

Banner Ads: Depending on placement, banner ads run from $12 to $50 per month. Email with the title 'paid banner ad'. Include the website and location you'd be interested in. We will also need to see your banner. Send by contacting us via E-mail.
·Homepage ($50)
·Model Listings ($12)
·Modeling Jobs ($12)
·Modeling Links ($5)
·Homepage ($25)
·Talent Listings ($12)
·Talent Jobs ($12)
·Industry Links ($5)

Featured Models/Actors: Rate includes a thumbnail headshot on the homepage with your name and email, along with a direct link to your website. $50/month on Florida-Models.com. $25/month on Florida-Actors.com. Email us with the title 'feature model'. Include which website you'd like to be on, your website URL, and attach your photo. We will resize your image, and you will be invoiced via PayPal International. Minimum one month.

Enhanced Listings: Add an image to your model/talent or job listing. $12 charge. Image stays for the life of the listing. (See posting rules on the forms for exact duration). Each image change to an existing photo listing is charged $5, regardless of length of listing time left. If you have more than one post or want two photos, add a second photo for half price--Just $6!

See also our: Enhanced listings page Add a photo to your post. Email your photo. Include the title 'photo listing'. In the body of your email include which website and board your post is located, and the title and date you posted. (i.e Florida-Models.com, Professional Models, 01/04/04 'Fashion Model Seeking Work in Miami')

Rates are subject to change, and no content will be accepted if the image or website submitted contains nudity or other content inappropriate for children to view.
We prefer banner ads in standard 468 x 60 pixel size, maximum 100k.

For all paid advertising inquiries:

Please contact us with your image or banner attached (if applicable), and include which website you would like to be on, and which page. Please also put a subject line that indicates what you are submitting, such as 'Paid Ad, Florida-Models.com' or 'Photographer Paid Link, Florida-Actors.com'. Your submission will be reviewed, and you will be emailed an invoice through PayPal International. Once payment is received, your information will be added to the website, and you will be notified via email.

For the paid ad categories above: upon approval, you will be emailed an invoice via PayPal International from StarTime.com Media. If you are continuing with existing advertising, either you can have a payment request sent from us through PayPal International, or you can directly pay (through PayPal) the email: media@startime.com. The name on that account is Kitania Kavey. If you need other arrangements, please inquire. We do try to be flexible to your needs. After all, your success is our success!

Thank you for your advertising support. With your help, we can keep this site as a free resource for those in Florida.

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Original Florida Models modeling resource web site founded by Kitania Kavey and Ken Horkavey in 1996, making it one of the first modeling resource sites in the world for independent models. On September 27, 2012, Florida Models became an Independent Modeling site, and is directly affiliated with Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, Advanced Model,and all of the Passinault.Com companies, which includes Aurora PhotoArts, all of which operate out of the Tampa Bay area, but offer services throughout Florida. This is a free modeling resource site, and you are not obligated to buy any services or products advertised on this site to use it. As of September 27, 2012, the site editor and webmaster of Florida Models and sister site Florida Actors is C. A. Passinault. The current owners are not responsible for the content published by the original owners. This web site is based out of, and published in, the Tampa Bay area of Florida, which is ground-zero of the next modeling industry.




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