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02/05/15/1029 - Updated the legacy site template for 2015. Removed the main menu link for the Facebok group, which prepares this legacy emulated site and locks it down for the new Athena Class site, which will soon launch.

12/31/13/0917 - Updated entire site for 2014.

01/13/13 - Updated this classic emulated legacy site for Florida Models for 2013. There will be one more major update before the new Athena Class Florida Models site launches on top of this classic one. This classic one will be maintained online as an archive and as an online museum, and will link to the relevant sections on the new site.

10/25/12 - Added a modeling contest to Talent Searches. Updated About Us. Updated Contact Us. Updated all content submission zones with disclaimer indicating that all submitted content becomes the property of Florida Models, and that we are not responsible for the accuracy of submitted information or the content on sites that we link to (this disclaimer can be read in all of its glory on our contact page, obviously).

10/16/12 - Added a modeling job lead to our modeling job board. Soon, the businesses that traditionally go through the agencies to obtain models for their modeling jobs will be posting on our modeling job boards, too, although we do not want models to be dependent upon any job board. We will also give the models the tools and the resources to find these jobs on their own, and book them without going through an agency. The source of all of this will not be Florida Models, although this site will directly benefit from the effort, but will be at Independent Modeling. Jobs that are posted to Independent Modeling's modeling job board will be edited and optimized for geographic target markets, and will also be posted to Florida Models and Tampa Bay Modeling, when relevant.

10/15/12 - Added several more pages of content to our modeling jobs job board. The new content is for models and the businesses which book them, and is about using the job board to book work without going through a modeling agency, and without being dependent upon an agency. The information will not be popular with Florida modeling and talent agencies, but we don't support them. We support independent freelance models. We realize that Florida Models used to be much more friendly and supportive to Florida modeling and talent agencies (and, despite this, we're aware that they agencies still tried to give this site problems over the years, because agencies want to control the industry here, and hate it when models think for themselves and find work on their own, in our opinion), but the new site owners have had much more serious issues with several agencies and their unethical, inappropriate conduct, and they no longer deserve the courtesy and the benefit of the doubt that the original site gave them (if the agencies want to get mad, get mad at the shady modeling and talent agencies in the Tampa Bay area which have inspired this course of action; at least one unethical agency is allowing their bookers to openly slander professionals in the market, proving that they are liars and cheats). If they are going to hate us, we will give them a real reason to hate us, and they will hate us for what we are and what we do; we do the right thing. While modeling and talent agencies remain a legitimate part of the modeling industry, they are only supposed to find work for models, and they are not the end-all, be-all authority on the industry. Not anymore, at least. Independent models and talent now call the shots, and they put the agencies in their proper place. We realize that Florida Models, Independent Modeling, and all of our sister sites will cost agencies business and money in the coming years, but our feeling is that they deserve it. The agencies have overstepped their bounds, and have brought this upon themselves. The modeling industry must be properly balanced, and integrity maintained through that balance, as the power that the agencies once had a monopoly on is evenly distributed and put in the hands of professional independent freelance models and talent. The modeling and talent agencies in Florida will now have thousands of competitors. Independent models will now be competing with the agencies for jobs and job leads, and will force the agencies to work harder to get them jobs because the agencies will realize that the models are booking the jobs without them, and they will not want to be cut out of the loop. In the meantime, a result of this is that the ignorant models who allow themselves to be dependent upon the agencies will starve, and they will deserve it (don't even think that the agencies will favor those models, either, and give them work, because there has to be work to give to them in the first place, and that work will not be there if independent freelance models are booking the jobs before the agencies are able to. Additionally, the agencies have to make money, and they will go where the money is, even if they don't like it. They will refer the most marketable and professional models to any jobs that they can find, and those models will be the smarter, aggressive independent freelance models who are booking the work without being dependent upon an agency). In addition to putting modeling and talent agencies in their place, we have plans. The upcoming brand new Florida Models site will be armed to the teeth in an all-out war against modeling scams and unethical conduct in the modeling industry. This site is about to get much more aggressive, and we have over a decade of concept development, all of the technology proven in-use and battle-hardened, to enhance the new site with. The new Florida Models will be a dedicated war site and modeling resource, and will be built for war, a war for change in the modeling industry. Our figurative firepower of superior business concepts and information will change everything, and is only matched by what our sister sites will be armed with. For those of you who are stubborn and refuse to change along with a changing industry, welcome to hell.

10/14/12 - PLANNED: Once the new Mosaic Class photography and design marketing and support sites are up for Aurora PhotoArts in the next week or two, we will be adding affiliated advertiser banner ads on this classic site for the company, and we will also be adding a services section. This should be the last major site update on this emulated classic legacy site for Florida Models before our new, state-of-the-art Athena Class web site is launched. The same will be done to sister site Florida Actors, and the banners and services additions will link to the relevant web site/s and cover the relevant services (Florida Models will have ads and services for modeling portfolio photography, portfolios, and composite cards, and Florida Actors will have services and ads for headshot photography and actor headshots. Aurora PhotoArts will be our exclusive photography and design company in Florida for all of those services, as again, we are directly affiliated. Most of the pictures featured on our new sites will be from Aurora PhotoArts, too!). Both the classic and the new sites will no longer allow photography companies and photographers to advertise on our sites, as Aurora PhotoArts, which is directly affiliated with us, has obtained all of those rights (EXCEPTION: Photographers and photography companies may, however, feel free to post PAYING modeling job offers on our modeling job board, as long as they are LEGITIMATE PAYING MODELING JOBS, and as long as they do not require models to buy anything to be considered for those jobs). This is one of the reasons that we have already removed most of the photographers listed on Florida Models and on Florida Actors. Please note that no one is required, or obligated, to book any of these services, whether directly offered on this site, or advertised, to use Florida Models or Florida Actors. Our sites will remain free of charge to use for most uses. It's just that these sites will no longer be a haven for modeling and talent photographers, especially those photographers who were listed who really had nothing to do with modeling and talent photography, as their main markets were different (portraits, wedding photography, etc), and our opinion was that they were not qualified to work in our industry (our opinion is, also, that they were just trying to cash in). Some of these photographers also did work which was inappropriate for the mainstream marketing of models and talent (high-risk work such as glamour and boudoir). We ask that any photographers or photography companies that lost their ads, and their ability to advertise on our sites, to please refrain from complaining, as this decision is final. The only photography and design company that Florida models and talent need is Aurora PhotoArts, anyway, and if they feel that they need another company, they can feel free to look around and shop. We just wish them luck when they try to compete with the models, actors, and talent whom are using professional Aurora PhotoArts tools in marketing their careers; they will find out the hard way that competition will be difficult.

10/14/12 - Added a job to our modeling job section, and added anchor tags to the section so that readers could skip all of the modeling job scam information at the top of the page and get right to the job posts. The modeling job board on this emulated classic legacy site is primitive No offense to the original designers and founders) compared to what will be on our new site, which is weeks away, and once that new site is online, the job board here will link to the new job board (which will still be under the Florida-Models.Com domain name, but will be a new file name existing in a new directory), while the files for the classic site will remain as-is on the site as an archive and online museum. Once the new site is online, new job posts will be on the new job board, and the classic board will no longer be updated. Job posts will also be edited, and cross-posted, to Independent Modeling, which will be our main modeling job board, as well as the modeling job board of Tampa Bay Modeling, for jobs which are relevant to our home Tampa Bay market.

10/10/12 - Added social media support. Get involved by joining our official Facebook group, Brutal honesty for pros in the modeling industry, today! The group has hundreds of members, tons of great discussion threads, and has been active since 2011!

09/30/12 - Added more content, stabilizing site. Refreshed site on server. New site development underway with new Athena Class site, which will be built and launched once the first two Athena Class sites, for Independent Modeling and Independent Acting, are online and operational. Updates to Florida Models reduced to jobs and models.

09/29/12 - Added additional support content to legacy site. Came up with new update threads on the bottom of each page, with the original publication date first, linking to this update log, and additional updates listed after that. Work on new Athena Class Florida Models site begins; upon launch, this emulated classic legacy site will become and archive and an online museum, and will link to the relevant, operational areas on the new site.

09/27/12 - Classic emulated site online, and new ownership and editorial direction is in force. Re organized menu and made some functional upgrades, such as a contact page, although enhancements are minimal to keep with the continuity of the legacy site design (the major improvements and upgrades are coming with the new Athena Class site in development). Types of posts which are accepted are limited compared to the earlier site, and advertisement on the site is suspended pending review. Site is completely back up in just over 24 hours after going down. All site functions, such as the job board and the model listing, are online and operational.

09/26/12 - Original Florida Models site offline as domain name is switched over. Site down for a few hours in the afternoon. Domain switched to new server and index placeholder site in the evening, with jobs section also online. Content from old site being ported to new site as quickly as possible, but is slowed down because original site was coded in frames, with odd file manes, extensions, and organization, and content sections relied heavily on tables and cells (in some extreme circumstances, single words were enclosed in a cell. It was faster to simply retype all of the content. Some single pages took hours to port).

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Original Florida Models modeling resource web site founded by Kitania Kavey and Ken Horkavey in 1996, making it one of the first modeling resource sites in the world for independent models. On September 27, 2012, Florida Models became an Independent Modeling site, and is directly affiliated with Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, Advanced Model,and all of the Passinault.Com companies, which includes Aurora PhotoArts, all of which operate out of the Tampa Bay area, but offer services throughout Florida. This is a free modeling resource site, and you are not obligated to buy any services or products advertised on this site to use it. As of September 27, 2012, the site editor and webmaster of Florida Models and sister site Florida Actors is C. A. Passinault. The current owners are not responsible for the content published by the original owners. This web site is based out of, and published in, the Tampa Bay area of Florida, which is ground-zero of the next modeling industry.




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