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About Us: Florida Models, Florida-Models.com

The second generation of Florida Models, under Independent Modeling

On September 27, 2012, Florida Models and Florida Actors came under new management andC. A. Passinault, modeling expert and director of Florida Models, interviewed on the news. ownership. The site editor is now C. A. Passinault, and this is now an Independent Modeling site. Site editor C. A. Passinault is a modeling expert and a talent photographer from Tampa Bay, Florida. He is a polymath, and is also an expert in business, marketing, casting, web site engineering, search engine optimization, and in the entertainment industry. One of his specialties is identifying and countering scams and unethical conduct in industries, as well as changing industries by introducing new concepts to them.
Although the new owners are not responsible for any of the content published on this original legacy Florida Models web site, as it was created by the original owners of the site, we still do consult with the original owners regarding site history, anecdotes, industry issues, and for feedback with the direction of the present and future versions of the Florida Models web site; the original owners are retained as consultants, although they no longer run the web site, nor are they responsible for anything published on the site after 09/27/12.
Regarding the original owners, the main reason that ownership was transferred to C. A. Passinault was so that Florida Models could continue on. The following content is legacy content, maintained in its original tense, although statements made may not be accurate at this time, as the site is under new management.

Original history - Before 09/27/12

Florida-Models.com began back in 1996, as a way for Kitty, our first featured model, to obtainKitania Kavey, AKA Kitty, the founder of Florida Models. Cybercat19@AOL.Com modeling work. Back then, being disabled made it difficult for her to obtain agency representation, and she found the Net was a useful tool to reach her goal in becoming a professional model and actor. By 1997, our first male featured model, Ken, joined her, and soon after other models and actors wanted to be a part of the Florida-Models.com website. The site got so big, it was split in early 1999 to form the Florida-Actors.com website as well. Kitty continues to oversee the site, although Kitty being interviewed on the news about Florida Models.she now lives in Europe. She has done so well for herself using Florida-Models.com, she wanted to make sure the sites remain free for the users, and is still being supported by advertising dollars only. Along the way, the site has picked up a few awards, as well as a bit of local notoriety! We hope to continue to serve the Florida entertainment community as an informative resource as long as we can.

If you've been listed on the Florida-Models.com website, and had something cool happen because of it, we'd love to hear about it. Just send us an email by contacting us!

TESTIMONIALSKitania Kavey modeling composite card sample.

The following testimonials are for Florida Models, under the original direction and ownership of founder Kitania (Kitty) Kavey, which was before September 27, 2012.

I would just like to compliment the Florida Models Website. More gorgeous models have been coming from all over Florida and entering our "Cute & Cool Bikini Contest/Model Search", from your site. Thanks for having a vehicle to reach these truly fantastic looking and great personality girls. Diane Creamer, Contest Coordinator

The replies (to our job listing) have been very good. At least 5 letters per week from models all over the state of Florida. This was very good to post the job listing. TWO BIG THUMBS UP!!!!!!!
Chip Gelmini (PRFCG@aol.com)

Site looks great. Already had several hits. Looks like you have a winning site and reputation with the models. Again-thanks,
Robyn Jackett (fotosman@fcmail.com)

Out of all the Model sites and Forums I have to say that florida-models.com is the one that produces the best results. Every time I post on florida-models.com either to recruit new models or to help get offers for my current models, my email responses go up by at least 50%. I usually don't believe or follow counters on webpages cause I don't believe the accuracy of their hits, in this case I don't need to see one. I see results. Keep up the good work. Anthony FIREBALL Felix, Publicist/Photographer - Fireball Models, Publisher/Editor - Fireball's FREEdom of STYLE Magazine

Your site has been an incredible help to us...Thanks to the Florida Models website we ran 3 ads and had over 400 responses in one month. Many thanks, Ellen Cheski-Gray, Shark Island Swimwear.

Kitty was interviewed about the Florida-Models.com website in Nov. '99, on the Florida Business Now TV program. Thanks Kitty! She also mentioned us in an article about her in Dec. '99, in the Sun Sentinel newspaper. Thanks again Kitty!

Florida-Models.com is a great tool for casting models or staff for events. I have been posting with them for about three years, and the hits are unbelievable. First Class Productions, Inc wishes Florida-Models continued success for many years to come. Sunnie, firstclassmodels@aol.com

Florida-Models.com profiled by:

Florida Business Now TV Show
Florida's News Channel
November 12, 1999

Sun Sentinel Newspaper
Lifestyles section
December 29, 1999

Channel 6 News - NBC, March 2, 2000

09/27/12 - 10/25/12 - 12/06/16/0325


If you have questions or problems concerning the Florida Models website, please notify the webmaster.
Brought to you by Aurora PhotoArts, based upon the original web site by StarTime.com Media. This classic site and all the images contained herein are 1996-2012 Kitania Kavey. Any use of these photos, our content or our code without permission is illegal. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Original Florida Models modeling resource web site founded by Kitania Kavey and Ken Horkavey in 1996, making it one of the first modeling resource sites in the world for independent models. On September 27, 2012, Florida Models became an Independent Modeling site, and is directly affiliated with Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, Advanced Model,and all of the Passinault.Com companies, which includes Aurora PhotoArts, all of which operate out of the Tampa Bay area, but offer services throughout Florida. This is a free modeling resource site, and you are not obligated to buy any services or products advertised on this site to use it. As of September 27, 2012, the site editor and webmaster of Florida Models and sister site Florida Actors is C. A. Passinault. The current owners are not responsible for the content published by the original owners. This web site is based out of, and published in, the Tampa Bay area of Florida, which is ground-zero of the next modeling industry.




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