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NOTE 07/30/17/2356 - Because we are archiving this page in preparation for the launch of the new Florida Models web site, which will be built over this web site, we will not be updating this page once that is done, and we cannot guarantee that links will work, we have removed links to the web sites and the email of other parties listed in this modeling job board section, with the exception of links going to our affiliates.
That said, we have left the information on this page, which can be referenced and looked up independently.
Our new main modeling job board web site at Florida Modeling Jobs and the new modeling job boards on Florida Models and our other modeling resource sites will have a system set up so that we can link to those whom post job information is a cost-effective manner which is easy to maintain.
This modeling job board is now closed.

07/27/16/0527- Age appropriate modeling and reducing modeling risks to be addressed with our modeling job boards. - 07/27/16/0527

ATTENTION! Florida models will no longer accept "modeling job offers" which are not really jobs. We will not publish modeling job offers, especially for events such as fashion shows, where models would "work" for free. If you make money from your business, and models help you in that business, they need to make money, too! Respect models and respect our time and the use of our job board. Thank you. 06/07/13

Effective immediately, as of September 27, 2012, I am now the owner and the editor of Florida Models, and new editorial and posting policies are in force. The point of this modeling job board is to provide a source of legitimate modeling job leads in the Florida region for...... ( Read more )

To report problems with this board, or to update your listing; please e-mail us.

Please note: This is a public posting board. None of the job offers are checked by us for accuracy or legitimacy. These jobs are available only to Florida models, or those visiting Florida.

Note to models/talent: If you go to an "agency" in Florida, and they try to sell you products and/or services (including photography, printing/comp cards, classes) that is illegal (if they have a license) or even if they are not licensed, a scam.

Do NOT refer the jobs to your agent or agency. You hurt your chances to book the job by doing this, because if the agency is in the loop when you book a modeling job, the job poster is legally obligated to pay the agency commission. This makes it more expensive for them to hire you, and defeats the purpose of posting on a job board in the first place! Most modeling jobs will NOT go for this, and you will look like an idiot! Would you want a middleman forced on you, raising your costs? How are you going to compete with professional models who respond to a job post on their own? Additionally, models who refer jobs to their agency ARE idiots, in our opinion, because they do the work that their agency bookers are supposed to do, and they STILL have to pay agency fees out of their own pocket if they book the job with the agency in the loop. The agencies laugh at such insecure models, and certainly do not respect them. You make it easy for them when you do their work for them and pay them at the same time. Hey, it’s a win-win for the agency when a model does their work for them, and, meanwhile, the work that they actually do for models is for other models.
If we were posting a modeling job, and a model told us to go through their agency, we would not consider the model. We’d book another model who was just a good, just as relevant for the job, and, perhaps, even better, without having to pay an agency!
Additionally, when you refer modeling job information to an agency, you cannot control what they will do with that information, nor can you prove that they did not find it some other way. You can literally make it more difficult for you to book a modeling job because the agency may refer the models whom they represent to that job so that they make commission from the models. Don’t help out your competition, and make agencies work FOR you!
If you are a model who is uncomfortable finding work on your own and evaluating modeling jobs to determine if they are legitimate or not, or if you don’t know what you are doing, don’t use this modeling job board. Go to any agency, let them tell you what to do and limit your career, and remain dependent upon them for work while smarter models find and book work on their own, often taking the jobs away from the agencies and their models (you). An agency cannot refer you to a modeling job if an independent freelance model has already booked it. Any model who allows themselves to be dependent upon an agency is just stupid, in our opinion, and they deserve what they get.


Some modeling jobs are either fake, or embellished job offers intended to lure models into contacting the poster or advertiser so that they can sell the models something in order to be considered for a job, jobs which may or may not exist. Some modeling jobs are hijacked or stolen from other sources, such as free modeling job boards, and the contact information from the job post is then withheld until the models buys something or signs up for a web site membership where they are solicited (this is theft, misrepresentation, and unethical. If they steal from others, they will steal from you; you cannot trust them). This is bait and switch, it is deceptive advertising, it is a scam, and it is fraud. Never by anything from anyone advertising a modeling job, especially if buying something is a requirement for consideration of booking the job or being referred to it!

Never respond to a modeling job offer which claims that no experience is necessary.
Legitimate modeling jobs require experience, as modeling is a skill. We have never seen a paying, or worthwhile (remember that time is also valuable) modeling job which does not require experience. Modeling is a skill. Legitimate jobs require models who can do the job. A new model with no experience is not going to convince any business to book the model, especially when they are competing with experienced professional models, who have composite cards and portfolios demonstrating their range of experience, competing with them. No job is going to want to train a model. No business is going to book an amateur into a job which requires a professional, regardless of what anyone says.
We have never seen any advertised modeling job claiming that no experience is necessary turn out to be a legitimate job. They have all turned out to be scams. Most of them are unethical businesses which advertise jobs and then require the model to pay for classes or services to be considered, experienced or not.
There are some modeling job commercials which claim that models are needed for fashion shows, often by major department stores that they name, and that no experience is necessary. Consideration for the fashion shows require the model to buy classes and services, and then, the fashion show “job” turns out to be some freebie amateur fashion event where the models are working for “experience”, and no pay (so, you have to pay for something in order to be considered for working at no pay, which is a double rip-off). If you are scammed by such a bait and switch, you need to let the department stores that are named know about it, because no legitimate business is going to want to be knowingly connected to a modeling scam, or allow their name to be used to scam models!

If anyone has to mislead you in order to get your business, they are unethical and cannot do anything for your career. You cannot trust them. If you do need to invest in a modeling portfolio or composite cards (and, if you are new and need to invest in these things, you have no business attempting to book any modeling job), do so from a photographer or photography company which is up-front and honest about what they are in business to do. Also, do so from someone who can demonstrate that they have experience giving models and talent professional and relevant career marketing tools. A wedding photographer, portrait photographer, or a photographer who caters to the consumer market is not going to be able to give you what you need to compete with other models, as they do not know the specifics of a specialized, professional market. New models also need to stay away from high-risk work such as glamour, boudoir, and modeling "sexy" or provocative poses, as you can limit your marketability, and you need to be as marketable as possible, as well as relevant to the modeling jobs that you are competing for.

Don’t bother responding to modeling jobs advertised in the newspaper.
We’ve never seen any of them turn out to be real jobs, especially when the company advertising the job is not the company doing the job, the advertiser is not an agency (we’ve never seen an agency ever advertise a modeling job), and especially when they claim that no experience is necessary. They turn out to be a bait and switch scam where the model is sold services, instead.

Put Florida modeling and talent agencies in their proper place
This dependence upon modeling agencies that everyone blindly promotes, in our opinion, is a major enabler of modeling scams. If anyone tells you that the agency way is the only way to have a career as a professional model, it is our opinion that they don’t know what they are doing, or are misleading you. Sometimes, it is both. An agency is a middleman, and they are not the only way to find and book professional modeling work.
Always invest in a modeling portfolio and composite cards from a professional photographer who is honest about what they are in business to do, and who is qualified to give you professionally relevant tools to market your modeling career, before going to any modeling and talent agency! Take charge, and do not put yourself in a position where you are dependent upon an agency. Do not set yourself up for a possible scam!
Do not trust modeling and talent agencies until they have earned your trust. Do not buy anything, such as modeling portfolios, workshops, composite cards, boot camps, or anything else from an agency. That’s not what they are in business to do, and if they require you to buy anything to be considered for any jobs, it is unethical, and a conflict of interest. If an agency endorses a modeling class or service, stay away from that agency. Do not buy anything from anyone, any photographer, or any business which an agency refers you to, as you cannot be sure that they are not making money from the referral (In Florida, at the time of this writing, this is illegal, and it is unethical regardless of its legal status. Agencies are regulated in Florida because they require oversight. Why would the laws regulating agencies be so specific unless what is described is not a problem? Did they come up with such scenarios out of the thin air? Consider, too, that fortune tellers are also regulated, and this is because most of them are scams).
Agencies are not qualified to determine what a model needs for their careers, as that is not the business that they are in. A professional modeling portfolio photographer is, and that it where models need to go to get what they need. To be sure that the photographer is ethical, and honest, avoid any photographer who is affiliated with, or works, with modeling agencies.
Modeling and talent agencies are only supposed to do one thing: Get models work. They find and refer models into jobs, and then take a commission from that job after it is booked, worked, and the model is paid. Agencies work for the model, and not the other way around. A modeling and talent agency, since they work for the model, has no business managing a model or telling them what to do. Also, it would be a working conflict of interest for an agency to manage a model or give them career advice because they agency is also working for the competition of the model, who are other models represented by the agency. Are you going to listen to anyone who is working for your competition, too, and is giving you both advice?
Dependence upon anyone for getting work in your career is bad business, and you give them leverage over you. It is the root of all scams.
You do not have to be dependent upon modeling agencies in order to get work, or to have a professional modeling career. Smart independent freelance models use several modeling agencies as one of many sources of modeling work, but are not dependent upon them. Those smart models also refuse to be limited by any exclusivity agreements with any agency. The “mother agency” is a dead business model.
The bottom line is that models who find and book work on their own as an independent freelance model demonstrate that they are marketable and that they are bookable. Independent freelance models have leverage over the agencies. The agencies are going to realize that the independent model is booking work without them, and they will not want to be cut out of the loop, and lose commission, and as a result, they will be forced to work harder to find and book those models into jobs before the model can do so on their own. The limited agency models, on the other hand, are dependent upon the agency to get work, and they are not going anywhere. Those agency models are not a priority, as a result. Which model is going to book more work?
Think about it.

Looking for models? You do not have to go through an agency!
Florida modeling and talent agencies will tell you that they are the only way to obtain legitimate and professional models for your jobs. They will imply, and sometimes state, that their agency models are more reliable and experienced than independent freelance models. The agency will also tell you that you are not able to find models like they can. They basically insult businesses, their clients, by implying that the business is not capable of casting models, and that they need their help.
They want to make money off of you. They want you to be dependent upon them. What do you expect them to say?
Make them back up their claims in writing. If an agency implies or states that their models are more reliable and more professional, make them guarantee it in writing. For some reason, most won’t do this. They will say one thing, and then will not back it up in writing. You have to wonder how honest an agency is when faced with this backtracking. Words are cheap. Agencies, however, are not nearly as cheap as their words are.
Also, consider what happens when the agency sends models to your go-see/ audition. Does the agency attend with the model? Does the agency decide whom you will book into the job? If the agency truly is better at evaluating models than you are, perhaps they should do the job of the art director and work your go-see, too, at no additional charge. After all, this is only proper, especially when agencies overstep what they are supposed to do with models all of the time. You also should get something, at least, for the money that you are paying out.
You can find and book models without going through an agency. When you do this, you save money, while still paying the model full-rate, because you do not have to pay an agency commission. Also, the model saves money, because they do not have to pay commission to an agency, either. The modeling and talent agency is a middleman, and nothing more. In this economy, many of them are as useless as a third wheel.
Are you going to let the agencies run your HR department, too? After all, they seem to be the only ones qualified to evaluate anyone for any job! After all, as a business owner or an art director, you really do not know what you are doing, do you?
When evaluating models, one of the best ways to determine risk is to evaluate the investment that they have made into their career. A model who has a professional web site (with a domain name like a .Com), a professional modeling portfolio, composite cards, and a resume are less apt to be unprofessional or flaky, and are just as good as the agency models are. Actually, independent freelance models are often better than agency models, because they are more experienced, they book more work, and, thinking for themselves, they often bring much more to the table in talent than the average limited agency model. They are also often smarter and easier to deal with. You do not put a lot of work into a career to not work, and to not take jobs seriously. On the other hand, if a “model” is operating from a freebie social media profile, has snap shots in their portfolio, and is obviously an amateur winging it, don’t take them seriously. We don’t. These models can’t compete with models who have invested in their careers, and it is obvious why.
If any model refers you to their agent when responding to a job post, don’t take them seriously, We wouldn’t. A model who uses their agency to screen job prospects is an idiot, in our opinion, because they are doing the work of their agent, still have to pay the agency fees if they book the job (while obligating you to pay a fee to an agency, too, defeating the purpose of using a job board to go around the agencies), AND they show that they are not experienced, or confident enough, in their modeling career to figure out if a job is legitimate or not. Such models show that they do not know what they are doing. It is not difficult for a real, experienced, professional model to figure out if a job is legitimate or not. Additionally, we have seen agencies mislead jobs and try to scam them by responding to the job post as one of their models, and then “refer” the job poster to their “agency” (of course!). Deal with real models, and models who know what they are doing.
Florida Models is not an agency. We do not guarantee anything that we do not have direct control over. No one can. Use this job board at your own risk. Book models at your own risk.

If you reply to any of the jobs posted below and they try to sell you something, that is a bait and switch scam. You can, and we recommend that you do, report them to the appropriate authorities. See more in our Modeling Scams section for assistance.

Post Your Modeling Job Offer - It's Free!

Paying Modeling Jobs

If any models have some testimonials, anecdotes (interesting stories), or bad experiences with any modeling job on this board, please let us know. If the modeling job does not pay you, or does not follow through on the promises made in their post, please let us know(although we are not responsible if this happens, and cannot reimburse you in any way). If any of these modeling jobs try to sell you something, please let us know so that they cannot do it to other models, as this is unethical, is a deceptive trade practice, and it is misleading (it is fraud, and it is known as a modeling job scam). Models may remain anonymous. Let us know about your experiences with any modeling job, either on this board or not, by contacting us. Your feedback is appreciated, as it will help maintain the integrity of our modeling job board, and the Florida modeling industry.
Florida Models is not responsible for the conduct of any job poster, or the legitimacy of any job offer on this board, although we try to avoid posting bad job offers, and we need your help to evaluate jobs. Use at your own risk, and study the warnings above. Please let us know of any problems with any job so that we can avoid posting them in the future. Thank you!

07/30/17/2358  Professional Models needed for upcoming modeling jobs. Experience and professional conduct required; portfolio must be professionally relevant for most modeling jobs.  Posted by: C. A. Passinault
Models are needed for contracted modeling jobs which are professionally relevant to their modeling careers. These jobs are paying modeling jobs, usually in the Tampa Bay area.
We are currently looking for marketable models with minimal professional conflicts and who are known for family and business-friendly marketing work.
Models need to be experienced, with professional portfolios, and with no risque work in their portfolio or “adult” work, which includes “teen” modeling or modeling which is inappropriate for the age of the model (Portfolio pictures, especially once they are online and on the Internet, cannot be undone, and are permanent, defining the career of the model).
We are also preferring models with no tattoos or scars; wholesome, flexible looks are what we are looking for. Tattoos will not, however, disqualify any model from being considered, although we prefer that they are able to be covered up.
Models who are at least 5' 8'’ are especially preferred, although there are no height requirements.
Our job pay rate is relevant for the job booked, and these are NOT low paying promotional modeling jobs. We are NOT a talent agency, and our business is the business directly offering the modeling job. These are not offers of employment; models are directly contracted into the jobs and are not employees. Agency-represented models are also considered.
Models are required to have professional portfolios and experience, as these are not jobs for new or aspiring models; models have to be qualified for these jobs. Models are not obligated to buy anything in order to be considered for any job, although they will be required to professionally collaborate with our photographer to be evaluated if they are being considered for our jobs, after which the models obtain all pictures free of charge. Consideration for our modeling jobs or that collaboration during the evaluation is not a guarantee of booking any job, however.
To be considered for these jobs, models are required to send a composite card, a resume of their modeling work history, a cover letter referencing this modeling job post and introducing the model, and at least three professional references to P.O. Box 1224, Riverview, FL 33568-1224, ATT: Florida Modeling Jobs.
Although this job post if from C. A. Passinault, the Editor of Florida Models, these modeling jobs are not affiliated with Florida Models.
Thank you, and good luck!
Job Date:  TBA; ongoing.  Job Location:  Tampa Bay, Florida. Website:  TBA

05/10/13  InstaCouture Modeling.  Posted by: Darlene Gimble
We are looking for models for photoshoots. The models chosen from the
casting will also be entered into a competition to win a long term contract
with InstaCouture. We are asking that the models bring a few outfits of
their own so that we can see them in a few different looks. As part of our
appreciation for their time, we will be giving free headshots from the
casting. We are not a photo studio or agency, this is simply a courtesy.
We are seriously looking to employ several models on a continuous basis for
our new company. This is an open casting. We are looking for models with a good
personality and that have something about them that stands out in the
pictures. The models need to logon to InstaCouture to fill out the
application and upload a photo. If they are chosen for the casting, they
will get a response email within 48 hours with their time slot and location
of the casting. It will be held at our office in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.
Pay Rate: Not Specified. Please see description of job offer.
Job Date:  First session 05/10/13.  Job Location:  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Website:  www.InstaCouture.com

05/10/13  Casting Runway Hair Models.  Posted by: PENDING
(EDITORS NOTE: This post may be removed after we do some research. We're not idiots, and neither are models! Florida Models has concerns, and questions, about the high pay rate and the quick turn-around from the go-see/ audition to the actual runway job. 1 day? Even 2 days is a little fast; too fast, in our opinion. Also, a $1,000.00 pay rate is a little high for 1 to 2 days of work; perhaps too good to be true. Please ask this poster questions, and let us know what the answers are. High pay rates, fast turn around times, and key words such as "major venue", etc, are traditional red flags in any job post, and an indication to use extreme caution when contacting and dealing with the poster. As with all job posts on here, we are not responsible for them and do not vouch for them, and we ask that all model give us feedback on their experiences with contacting the posters of job offers. ALSO, this was sent to Florida Actors, which caused a delay of posting it here on Florida Models. We've been getting a lot of post attempts lately, from other parties, which have been ignored due to similar issues, which is why this board has not been updated lately. I am a modeling expert who has studied a lot about the industry in the past 16 years, and my opinion is that this job post smells funny. Actually, I am suspending adding contact information until I can so some research which will make me feel comfortable posting this completely, and I may have just stumbled upon an idea which may become policy on the job boards of Tampa Bay Modeling, Florida Models, and Independent Modeling ASAP. I am also going to start an Admin list of posters who will be banned from posting job offers on my job boards; although neither I, nor my sites, assume any responsibility, we are going to try to protect models as much as we can. - C. A. Passinault, Editor, Florida Models).
Runway Hair Show at Major Venue $1000.00
WORK DATES - May 18, 19
RATE - $1000
NOTE - This is an audition. If you book you make money, if you don't book you don't loose anything or pay anything. This is a legitimate casting (Why point this out? - Florida Models Editor).
REQUIREMENTS FOR MODELS - 5'7" or taller female models that can walk the runway, Size 0-4, open to hair cut &/or color, ANY & ALL changes will be discussed ahead of time and agreed upon
LOCATION - South Florida
DIRECTIONS TO APPLY - Title your email "SOUTH FLORIDAY" (Do you mean "SOUTH FLORIDA", or is this some hip play on the word "Florida"? - ED) and send your photos, email, contact number, height, and dress size.
WHAT - This is for a corporate runway hair show at a major venue.
Pay Rate: $1,000.00
Job Date:  May 18, 19.  Job Location:  South Florida. Website:  PENDING

11/15/12  $200 Photo Shoot With Guns!  Posted by: amodels@ashamanent.com
I'm doing a photo shoot for a Tactical & Firearms Company; we will need 12 female models to be holding semi automatic rifles and handguns for this shoot. Pay is $200 Message me ASAP with your contact info and 4 photos to be considered.
For quick replies contact me directly on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/keston.alvarez
Pay Rate: $200.00
Job Date:  Late November.  Job Location:  Hollywood, Florida. Website:  www.ashamanent.com

11/08/12  Male Model Needed: Editorial for Bohemian Girl Couture Line Launch.  Posted by: Photographer Richard Porter, but models need to contact Designer Russet Coviello russetsrave@gmail.com
Please contact the designer for offer details. Instructions for models and job requirements: male; dark hair, shoulder length or longer; looks 25-30 years old; some facial hair required; must be comfortable with the camera, and working with older female models. Headshot and couple shot within portfolio/comp will be needed in order to be considered.
Pay Rate: Negotiable, contact the designer.
Job Date:  November 16, 2012.  Job Location:  Sarasota
Websites:  Designer Russet Coviello: http://www.facebook.com/RussetBohemianGirlCouture
Photographer Richard Porter: http://www.unusualexposures.com

11/08/12  BIKINIS!!! USA MODELING shoot  Posted by: castingcall.director@gmail.com
"As I travel from the spectacular California beaches { " I wish they all could be California --- girls..." } to the tropical paradise
beaches of Florida, I realize every model is a California bikini beach girl at heart! Whether in the landlocked states or the beach states! This high gloss shoot features top new models in fashion clothes, and their many various colored bikinis."

Veteran Director/ photographer: William Blair
Shoot includes:
a. short interview : { 60 seconds} " question- Why you wish you were a California { or Hollywood} girl? " { wear your favorite casual clothes }
b. Putting on makeup { 30 seconds} { question" what makeup
do you wear on Halloween?" }
c. fashion shoot { your 2-3 favorite party outfits }
d. bikini shoot { your 2-3 favorite bikinis }

Models 16 up { under 18 requires parent or guardian
present }

Please contact for my other castings:
1 TRAVEL - exciting sci fi movie

BIKINIS , USA copyright 2012 William Blair

Pay Rate: $20.00 hr. + MOVIE CREDIT + 6 PICS FROM MODELING SHOOT { for your portfolio }
Job Date:  Immediate and ongoing.  Job Location:  Ventura Beach, Ca, Santa Fe, NM, Amarillo, TX, Dallas/ Ft. Worth, TX, New Orleans, Orlando, FL, Miami, FL.
Website:  Casting Call Hollywood

10/23/12  LA Promotions - Product demonstrators/promotional models  Posted by: LeighAnne001@aol.com
LA Promotions is currently looking for outgoing, reliable, and attractive product demonstrators/promotional models for various in store demos, bar/restaurant promotions, golf tournaments, trade shows, fundraisers, and more promoting Wine, Spirits, and Beer. Applicants must be at least 21 years old and have a recent photo submitted with your inquiry. Would prefer previous experience however, it is not mandatory. You will be required to provide a table for in store demos.
Pay Rate: $15-$20 per hour
Job Date:  Immediate and ongoing.  Job Location:  State of Florida focusing on Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Hernando/Citrus County, Sumter County, Lake County, Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, Brevard County, Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Ft Myers/Naples - Charlotte, Lee, and Collier Counties, Polk County, De Soto County, Highlands County, and Hardee County. Website:  www.lapromos.com

10/16/12  Bikini Modeling Job  Posted by: fpcservices@gmail.com
Looking to hire 10 Bikini Models for our Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show Bash on October 26th ( Friday Night).
ur party this year is going to be on the Cocktail Party Barge at the show- performance dock!! 3 Rounds from 8:00pm-11:00pm $100 Cash guarantee, also if you stay alittle longer to hangout after I will have some extra money to give you.
If you are interested please email me your pictures (Recent bikini pics a must)
+ 1ST PLACE Winner will win a $750 contract to join us in Key West November 8th -11th to join us on our "20th annual Poker run ",
2ND Place Winner will win a $500 contract with FPC to either take photos for our magazine or join us in Keywest,
3RD Place winner will win a $250 contract with FPC for the same as 2nd place winner
If you have any questions feel free to go to our website flpowerboat.com or call 954-545-1414.
Laura Schrader
1214 SW 6th St
Pompano Beach, FL 33069
Pay Rate: See description
Job Date:  October 26, 2012.  Job Location:  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Website:  www.flpowerboat.com

10/14/12  Asian Theme Shoot Paying $200  Posted by: amodels@ashamanent.com
Saturday, October 13, 2012 6:37 AM - I'm looking for three Asian females between the ages of 18 to 35 with strong features, to do a 3 hour shoot paying $200. If interested, you can either email us at amodels@ashamanent.com with 3 photos of yourself, your name and contact info, or for faster responses message us on facebook with your photos and contact info @ http://www.facebook.com/keston.alvarez
Pay Rate: $200.00
Job Date:  Before 11/21/12.  Job Location:  Hollywood, Florida. Website:  www.ashamanent.com

07/21/12  2 Orlando Castings - Female Model Types - $750 to $800  Posted by: casting@allaroundtalent.com
2 ORLANDO CASTINGS FOR FEMALE MODELS, $750 to $800. REQUIREMENTS FOR BOTH JOBS: females, 5'7 or taller (real height), runway experience a plus, legally 18 and truly appearing under 30, dress size 6 or smaller, open to some degree of hair change within your own limits. This means any and all changes will be discussed at the model call and approved by you as the model first.
WHERE: Disney/Epcot resort areas.
CASTING #1 DATE & RATE: July 25th, $800, works the 26th (prep) & 27th (plus $25 each day for per diem).
CASTING #2 DATE & RATE: July 27th, (followed by prep), works the 28th.
WHAT YOU DO: You may walk the runway, stand or sit there while industry professionals discuss your hair. Overall the job is very simple.
HOW DO I GET THE JOB: You must apply by sending your photos, height, and dress size with "ORLANDO" in the subject line to casting@allaroundtalent.com
Pay Rate: $750 to $800.
Job Date:  July 25 & July 27.  Job Location:  Orlando - Disney/Epcot area
Website:  All Around Talent

07/18/12  Photo Boat Shoot  Posted by: brandykirschner@bellsouth.net
Males - 35-50 (looks) - Resort wear. Sophisticated look, and/or Fisherman.
Females - 30-45 (looks) - Resort wear. Sophisticated look, and/or Fisherwomen.
Teenagers - Boys & girls - 13-18 (looks).
Pay Rate: $100 per day.
Job Date:  July 30th through August 2nd.  Job Location:  Tampa Bay
Website:  Chaparral-Boats

11/02/11  Promotional Models Needed  Posted by: soleilmktg@aol.com
Looking for outgoing, reliable female/male talent for liquor stores, grocery stores and Super Centers. Ages 21 to 35.
Pay Rate: $20 per hour - 3 hour shifts.
Job Date:  Immediate and ongoing.  Job Location:  Jacksonville, Green Acres, West Palm, Homosassa Springs, Dunellon
Website:  Espolon Tequila

05/26/11  Need Promo Staff in Panama City  Posted by: elizabeth@actioneventpros.com
We are looking for awesome staff to work a fun 4 day promotion in Panama City. You will be working for a well-known soft drink brand, so we need our most OUTGOING, FUN and RELIABLE STAFF MEMBERS. You will receive $13/hr for pay for the following hours:
Thurs: 3:30PM €“ 8:30 PM
Fri: 11:30 AM €“ 4:30 PM
Sat: TBD (4-5 hours)
Sun: TBD (4-5 hours)
RELIABLE STAFF WHO WORK THIS EVENT WILL BE GUARANTEED WORK IN THE FUTURE, and it will look GREAT ON RESUMES. If interested, please respond ASAP with 2 recent photos, promotional experience and a phone number where you can be reached. **PUT CITY AND STATE IN THE SUBJECT LINE, otherwise may not receive a response** We are looking for 2 females and possibly a third as well. If you aren't able to work this event but know of a friend who might, pass this on to them! Thanks, Elizabeth Marshall, Account Manager, Elizabeth@actioneventpros.com, Action! Events and Promotions, www.actionmodels.com
Pay Rate: $13 an hour.
Job Date:  (Not specified.) TBA.  Job Location:  Panama City
Website:  Welcome to Action!

05/22/11  Promotional Models Needed for Motorcycle and Car Shows  Posted by: tamara.seaman@gmail.com
Greetings! Looking for female and male promotional talent ages 18 to 30 for upcoming events and shows. Classic SHOWTIME Productions specializing in motorcycle and classic car shows is seeking promotional models to assist at upcoming events in the Central Florida area. Assignments include: Assisting vendors with the marketing and promotion of their products and services (handing out promotional media, talking to potential clients, etc.)
Being motorcycle or car hosts/hostesses (awarding of trophies and awards, etc.)
We are at this time building a database of potential promotional talent. To be considered for our upcoming events, please send us two photos or a composite for us to keep on file. Please include any past promotional or marketing experience that you may have. Please include your stats. Promotional talent must be professional, friendly, outgoing and love to deal with the public. If you do not like to talk to people, please do not apply. When we have a potential assignment available, you will be contacted and given the details and rate of the assignment. At that time you will have the option to accept or turn down the assignment. **Please note - you will be considered as a sub-contracted talent and you will be responsible for filing your own taxes. We do not take taxes out of your pay for your assignment worked. You will sign a receipt of agreement at the conclusion of your assignment that will state the hours worked and your payment received.
Pay Rate: $15.00 to $25.00 per hour depending on assignment.
Job Date:  Ongoing.  Job Location:  Central Florida (Orlando, Polk County, Lake County and surrounding areas)
Website:  Classic Showtime Productions

05/06/11  Brand Ambassadors  Posted by: cpm6@earthlink.net
Looking for Brand Ambassadors who have experience in wine and liquor events. Must send photos and resume. Must have a car that can carry a table and supplies.
Pay Rate: $15 an hour.
Job Date:  May 27, 28, 29 and ongoing.  Job Location:  Dade and Broward
Website:  Creative Product Marketing - Home

03/30/11  Hirirng 5 New Promo Models - $200 Per Gig  Posted by: amodels@ashamanent.com
I need 5 new promo models to work our events @ the Hard Rock Casino. You'll be paid $200 per gig, and you need to be in very good shape with a great personality. If you feel this is you, contact us ASAP. For quick reply, contact us on Facebook. -Keston Alvarez, www.ashamanent.com, Facebook Email: amodels@ashamanent.com
Pay Rate: $200 per gig.
Job Date:  Ongoing.  Job Location:  Hollywood
Website:  Welcome to Ashaman Entertainment AshamanEnt_com

03/23/11  Promo Staff Needed for In-Store Sampling Events  Posted by: soleilmktg@aol.com
Outgoing and reliable women, ages 21 to 45, needed for sampling events in liquor/grocery stores. We provide details for each tasting. Liquor or wine varies per store.
Pay Rate: $20 per hour.
Job Date:  Immediate and ongoing.  Job Location:  Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Pete, Tampa, Naples, Marco Island, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Miami
Website:  The official ABSOLUT website

03/18/11  Fashion Shows!  Posted by: cerise@charmedpromotions.com
As I put in the description for this position, please keep in mind that is not a runway show. It is strictly walking around in cute outfits in a bar/lounge/pub, approaching prospective customers to buy raffle tickets to win prizes. If you feel that you have the personality/attitude and feel comfortable, this could be a perfect gig for you. It is mandatory that all models wear pantyhose and bras with all outfits. We are not selling sex. We are providing upscale entertainment to the customers/bar owners/employees. If you feel you can walk around in sports wear, lingerie, and swim-wear in bars, please email me for an interview. I need you to please go to charmedpromotions.com, fill out the app and submit your photo! Thank you.
Pay Rate: $20.00 - $50.00 an hr.
Job Date:  Ongoing.  Job Location:  Ft Myers, Naples, Bonita, N. Port, etc.
Website:  Charmed Promotions, promotional models for trade shows, product endorsement, and sport events

01/30/11  Models Wanted for Artwork  Posted by: mgagnon@gagnonart.net
Models wanted for photographic collages. Some will involve figure work, beauty, historical figures, fantasy, and so on. Costumes supplied for collage work.
Pay Rate: Will require a test and will most probably involve a series of collage work. Would pay $150-$200 per shoot.
Job Date:  No specific job date.  Job Location:  Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties

01/28/11  Promotional Models  Posted by: SOLEILMKTG@aol.com
Female promotional models needed, ages 21 to 35, for bar and liquor store Spring Break events.
Pay Rate: $18 - $20 per hour.
Job Date:  March and ongoing.  Job Location:  Panama City Beach, Destin, Sebring, Bradenton, Sarasota, Daytona, Palm Coast
Website:  The official ABSOLUT website

11/11/10  Hiring Models for $200 Paid Shoot  Posted by: amodels@ashamanent.com
I am looking for two local female models to do a photo shoot for a promotional flyer. Pay is $200. I am looking for someone curvaceous with defined abs. If you think you have what it takes, contact our office @ (954) 962-3943 between the hours of 11am to 5pm or message us on Facebook. Our Facebook email is amodels@ashamanent.com. Thank you, Keston A., www.ashamanent.com
Pay Rate: $200.00.
Job Date:  (Not specified.)  Job Location:  Hollywood
Website:  Welcome to Ashaman Entertainment AshamanEnt_com

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Non-Paying Jobs/Service Exchange/TFP

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Job/Service Exchange (TFP) Free Listings

10/14/12 - Removed some inappropriate TFP posts (I won't even dignify them by calling them service exchanges, either, as the benefits were entirely on the side of the poster, and they were trying to take advantage of models, IMO. TFP and service exchanges are about MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL COLLABORATIONS BETWEEN ESTABLISHED PROFESSIONALS, and are NOT for amateurs to build portfolios or to try to get professionals to work for free!). If you are a new photographer or model and are trying to build a portfolio (at least one which will be effective in marketing you and enabling you to compete with professionals who HAVE invested in professional portfolios, etc), pay a professional and invest in what you need, because you get what you pay for; you also need to be able to compete with professionals, and to be taken seriously. Also, PLEASE, we will no longer publish TFP and service exchange offers for any high-risk work BY AMATEURS, which includes, but is not limited to, glamour, fetish, and boudoir (We will post professional offers of collaboration, but we are going to be selective about it, and this is only allowed for established professionals), and this is especially true if your "web site" is a freebie portfolio networking site profile such as MM. If you wish models to take you seriously, you need to have a real web site, as well as experience and skills which will benefit them, and none of this pick-up artist exploitative garbage. Additionally, please do not attempt to use this board to sell services to models. I can't believe some of the stuff that some of you were trying to pull on here! I am a professional modeling and talent photographer as well as an industry expert, and I've seen it all over the past 20+ years. Don't even try it. We are doing YOU a favor by allowing you to post your offers on this board, and do not forget that; I'm not going to try to sell anyone on anything which is a free courtesy, either, so the rules are the rules. Thank you! - Florida Models Editor C. A. Passinault

10/05/11  Special FX Artist Needs Models for Portfolio  Posted by: Horrorvideo@aol.com
I am a freelance special make-up effects artists looking for models for my make-up portfolio. I am a graduate of the Joe Blasco make-up Center, and a student of Dick Smith's make-up course. I need to work on various make-up effects for my portfolio. I am looking for all types of male and female models, ages 18 and over. I will give copies of photos to the model when completed. Please send a photo headshot with email inquiry and include contact info.
Job Date:  Ongoing.  Job Location:  Palm Coast
Website:  Scream Dreams - Home

01/27/11  Bout Me Jewelry and Makeup Line Models  Posted by: boutme@tvstar.com
All ages, male & female models and actors needed for new projects documentary. We are a non-profit organization that is making a difference for struggling artists and cancer awareness. View our site! For model's headshot submissions that make our wall of fame in our studio, you will be considered for many upcoming opportunities. Please send a photo and a simple letter stating why you would like to be on our wall of fame and how you would like to or have made a difference with your talent and in providing awareness. You are welcome to send your headshot alone, however, the talent who sends a letter with "making a difference" will be considered first for documentary. Great opportunity for exposure of talented people, all types, including artists, models, actors, musicians, poets, photographers, etc. Professional photos only. Furthermore, to be considered for a free photo shoot you may submit your picture of any quality and if you fit the look we will offer a free shoot! Then you will make our wall of fame. We are also looking for different types of models for upcoming products such as a makeup line, handbag and jewelry models for our catalog. This is a non-paying gig at this time, offered to volunteers who want to make a difference supporting awareness for cancer. We need serious inquiries only. Children welcome with parent's consent. If you are chosen for a specific gig you will receive some type of compensation such as photo shoot, gifts and/or prizes. Send headshot to: Bout Me Art & Healing., 1835 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Suite 252, Hallandale, FL 33009 or you may email your photo for upcoming projects.
Job Date:  Ongoing.  Job Location:  Hollywood
Website:  Bout Me OM Healing

01/14/11  Examiner.com &' Parle Editorials  Posted by: flphotoprojects@gmail.com
We are seeking models for editorials to be published on Examiner.com and ParleMagazine.com. Any age, ethnicity, or experience level. Males and females. Some editorials are makeup, some are business, etc. on http://www.examiner.com/orlando and other online publications.
Job Date:  Ongoing.  Job Location:  Winter Park
Website:  Orlando News, Orlando Information, Orlando Events - Examiner_com Examiner_com

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