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NOTICE 12/06/16/0151 - Because we are preparing to launch a new Florida Models web site and this section will be archived, we are removing outbound links. Because this section will not be maintained often with the new site built on top of it, after that site is online, and because we can’t ensure that links will work in the future, we will retain the content on this page for reference purposes, but will remove the links.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
The new Florida Models web site, and our next-generation talent resource sites, such as Florida Modeling Industry and Agency Optional (there are a lot more than those, however), will list models, but we will require that the information profile is maintained on the actual web site so that we do not have any broken links (E-mail information will be allowed so that the model can be contacted, as we are not a talent agency and will not act as a middleman). General listings will continue to be offered free of charge. Featured Model listings, which will allow links to web sites and social media profiles, will not be free, although they will be available at no charge to model clients of Aurora PhotoArts and Akula, both photography companies directly affiliated with Florida Models and our sister talent resource sites.
We will not, under any circumstances, link to the agent of any model, their mother agency, or to any talent agencies which represent the model. Models should not do the work of their agency bookers; while models should use modeling and talent agencies as one of many sources of modeling jobs and follow up on the leads that agencies give them, as well as pay the agreed commission if they book the job by going through an agency, using an agent or an agency to screen jobs plays into the hand of the agency. If a model is not confident in their ability to evaluate jobs, then they shouldn’t be a model to begin with. Additionally, it is our opinion that allowing an agent or a modeling and talent agency to manage the career of a model is a conflict of interest, as they are supposed to work FOR the model, AND the agency works for the competition of the model, who are others models whom they represent. Can you trust the advice from anyone who works for your competition? Additionally, here is another thought: What is stopping that agent or agency that you are using to screen prospective modeling jobs from snaking those job leads and offering them to other models, increasing your competition for the job and making it much more difficult to book the job? Don’t be a fool! Could you imagine how you would feel if you asked your agent to screen a job for you, only to have one of their models book the job instead of you?
Now, if the agency is willing to assume potential liability of the modeling jobs that they screen for models, in writing, we say that the model should go for it, although it is your fault if they send other models to your job lead. - 12/06/16/0251

Independent freelance modeling works.
An open market (independence, where you have leverage and call the shots) is superior to a closed, limited market (the agency way).
The agency way is not the only way to have a career as a professional model. Obviously, you realize that if you are posting your modeling and contact information here, as we are not an agency, and this is where models post information for modeling jobs to search for models for their jobs.

Models: This is a free section where you can post your information for modeling jobs to contact you. Again, we are not an agency. We are also not responsible for any interactions which you have with anyone responding to a post on here. Use at your own risk. If you post here, or contact anyone listed on this site, you assume all liability.
Florida modeling and talent agencies are not permitted to contact models listed here. Photographers may not contact models to solicit them. Models are not to be solicited for services. Contact information is not to be gleaned, used for spam, or copied.
Regarding Florida modeling and talent agencies: Models are free to contact agencies for possible representation, even if agencies are not permitted to contact models listed here. If you are a Florida agency, feel free to list your contact information in our agency section. If the models are looking for an agency, they will contact you if they wish. Remember, agencies: You work FOR the models, and they call the shots. - 09/30/12

To report problems with this board, or to update your listing, please contact us.

Looking for additional talent in FL? Check the Florida Actors web site, Talent Listings.
Photographers: Need a model release form, or model photography information? Visit our Photography Reference section.

Professional Models

Photo Listings Independent Freelance Models

Model Ken Horkavy10/02/11  Ken: Professional Model  Posted by:  kenwork@aol.com
Experienced model back in Florida from Los Angeles, where I've been working both in front of and behind the camera. My schedule is flexible, and I'm reliable, hard-working and punctual with references available.
Work Desired--Calendar, commercial print, magazine, music videos, parts, print, promotional, TFP, tradeshow.
Stats--height: 5'7,  weight: 150 lbs,  hair: light brown,  eyes: blue,  measurements: 30/32,  size: 38-40,  shoe: 8.5
Location--Central Florida (Winter Haven)  Gender--Male
Website: Ken Horkavy - Join me on my journey of self discovery
Agency: None.

Photo Listings are posted above those without photos.

Professional Models - Free Listings

10/03/12 - Model:  Cristina Sandu  Posted by:  csandu@mail.usf.edu
I am 25 but I look than I am less than 20.
I love modeling and i have the personality for it. I took modeling classes when I was little. I love the camera. Currently, I am looking for print work, fashion shows, catalogues, calendars and commercials.
Work Desired--Print,commercials, beauty ,swimwear (no nudity),magazines,art,petite fashion,events, etc.
Stats--Height: 5' 3'',  Weight: 110 lbs,  Hair: Light brown,  Eyes: Hazel,  Measurements: 34-25-35,  size: 3-5,  shoe: 6.5-7
Location--Tampa Bay, Florida  Gender--Female
Website: Cristina Sandu
Agency: None.

11/07/11  Teen Female Model  Posted by:  Ellison.Libby@gmail.com
I am a 16-year-old model seeking all different types of print work. In the past, I have modeled for Michael Stars, Coldwater Creek, and Chicos (Timeless Fashion Show). I've also modeled Mori Lee/Jovani gowns for the Red Raspberry boutique.
Work Desired--Beauty, commercial print, fashion, fitness, hair, magazine, print, swimwear. No nudity.
Stats--height: 5'9,  weight: 118 lbs,  hair: dark brown,  eyes: green,  measurements: 30-24-30,  size: 0,  shoe: 8.5
Location--Northwest Florida  Gender--Female
Website: (26) Ellison Libby
Agency: Presence Models & Talent, Ellison Libby (Me) - (850)-830-0827, Kitty Bundy (Agent) - 404-348-4232

01/11/11  Professional Model  Posted by:  danajones1227@att.net
Work Desired--Swimwear.
Stats--height: 5'11,  weight: 120 lbs,  hair: blonde,  eyes: hazel,  measurements: 34-25-33,  size: 2,  shoe: 9
Location--Jacksonville  Gender--Female
Website: ModelMayhem_com - Dana Jones - Model - Jacksonville, Florida, US
Agency: Posch Models, Alexa Model Management, MTM through John Casablanca in Jacksonville

07/25/10  Female Child Model - Age 3  Posted by:  obaumhoff@yahoo.com
I love being in front of the camera, and I am a great listener.
Work Desired--Child, print.
Stats--height: 3'2,  weight: 32 lbs,  hair: blonde,  eyes: blue,  measurements: N/A,  size: ? child,  shoe: 7.5 child
Location--Ft. Lauderdale  Gender--Female
Website: Olivia M_ Baumhoff Comp Card
Agency: Avenue Productions, Andrea Wilde - Ph: 954-561-1226, email: talent@avemodels.com

12/02/10  Fitness Model  Posted by:  JamesSosa11@yahoo.com
This month I'm updating my photos for fitness modeling. I'll be working with one of my photographers, Eric Dean, from Universal Orlando. Also I will do tons of print work this month as well as in the New Year. Last but not least, I will do photo shoots for big-time fitness magazines.
Work Desired--Calendar, commercial print, fashion, fitness, host, music videos, print, promotional, swimwear, TFP, tradeshow.
Stats--height: 6'3,  weight: 175 lbs,  hair: dark brown,  eyes: brown,  measurements: 32/36,  size: 40L,  shoe: 10
Location--Orlando  Gender--Male
Website: jamessosa - Home
Agency: Central Florida Talent, 5400 International Drive, Orlando 32819 - Phone: 407-370-2790

Freelance Independent Models

Amateur models need to invest in their career and obtain professional tools to market their career, such as a modeling portfolio, composite cards, and a web site with a domain name, before attempting to find and book work. They also need experience, which can be obtained first by working with an experienced photographer, and then starting with the smaller jobs and working up to the more ambitious ones.

Models and modeling and talent agencies in Florida - WARNING: Do not attempt to go to any modeling and talent agency in Florida for representation until AFTER you invest in a modeling portfolio and composite cards, as only established models should deal with agencies, since only established models with the proper career tools are eligible for job consideration, at any rate. Agencies have no business referring new models to photographers for what they need, as there is a risk that the agency is illegally and making money this way. Agencies are supposed to work for the model, and have no business trying to manage models, tell them what to do, or give them career advice. Since an agency is supposed to work for the model, it is our qualified opinion that an agency trying to manage the career of any model is a working conflict of interest, as the agency also works for the competition of the models, who are other models that they also represent. Keep the agencies in their place, and only use them as one of many sources of modeling jobs. After all, once you get the job lead, you have to book the job on your own, anyway. Do not allow any agency to insult you by telling you that they know better, because most models know that they do not.

Free Listings - Independent Freelance Models

10/22/11  Well-Preserved 40-Something  Posted by:  ried183@yahoo.com
Interested in project that need a mature model or actor. I have some experience and am hoping to get gigs to further my training.
Work Desired--Artistic, beauty, commercial print, host, lingerie, magazine, music videos, parts, petite fashion, print, promotional, tradeshow.
Stats--height: 5'4,  weight: 113 lbs,  hair: dark brown,  eyes: brown,  measurements: 32D-25-36,  size: 2-4,  shoe: 6.5
Location--Tampa  Gender--Female
Website: ModelMayhem_com - Ried - Model - Tampa, Florida, US
Agency: None.

06/11/11  Carrie - Amateur Model  Posted by:  onzarama@gmail.com
Amateur female model ~ finally listening to friends, family and total strangers and attempting to get into the modeling industry!
Work Desired--Beauty, fashion, host, magazine, print, promotional, runway, tradeshow. No nudity.
Stats--height: 5'8,  weight: 118 lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: brown,  measurements: 34B-27-??,  size: 4,  shoe: 8.5
Location--Melbourne  Gender--Female
Website: Carolyn Carrie Onza - Google Profile
Agency: None.

04/17/11  New Face  Posted by:  sheldonrowemodeling@gmail.com
Work Desired--Calendar, commercial print, fitness, host, magazine, music videos, print, promotional, runway, swimwear, tradeshow. No nudity.
Stats--height: 6'1,  weight: 176 lbs,  hair: bald,  eyes: brown,  measurements: 32/32,  size: 40R,  shoe: 10
Location--Orlando  Gender--Male
Website: ModelMayhem_com - Sheldon Rowe - Model - Orlando, Florida, US
Agency: None.

02/01/11  Model  Posted by:  alyssa96er@gmail.com
I am a new model looking for work. I have done a couple shoots.
Work Desired--Tradeshow. No nudity.
Stats--height: 5'5,  weight: 120 lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: blue,  measurements: 34-26-35,  size: 6,  shoe: 7
Location--Kissimmee  Gender--Female
Website: Modelw00t - - Model - Tgurk96 - Decatur, Texas, United States
Agency: None.

01/31/11  Balletrachel  Posted by:  estillrachel@gmail.com
I dance ballet and model - have been for couple years - but can't get my foot in the door. I am looking for work that pays, and not scams.
Work Desired--Tradeshow.
Stats--height: 5'7,  weight: 130 lbs,  hair: black,  eyes: blue,  measurements: 34-32-34,  size: 6,  shoe: 8
Location--Merritt Island  Gender--Female
Website: Rachel Estill (218)
Agency: None.

01/27/11  Gianna: Italian Model  Posted by:  luvvsmusic@yahoo.com
Work Desired--Swimwear. No nudity.
Stats--height: 5'8,  weight: 150 lbs,  hair: black,  eyes: blue-green,  measurements: 36-26-36,  size: 8-10,  shoe: 8.5
Location--Hudson  Gender--Female
Web Image: 
Agency: None.

01/04/11  Sexy Red Head New To The Scene  Posted by:  LubovFrancis@gmail.com
Hi guys, I'm Sidney, just getting into modeling but it has my dream since I was a little girl. I currently have some nice curves but will be slimming down to do fitness competition soon. I have natural red hair with freckles and weigh 129 lbs. I am willing to try anything and everything. I am very energetic and love being around people. Check back often to see my progress. I'm always changing/updating my info, thanks for looking and have a great day. TFP-TFCD.
Work Desired--TFP, tradeshow. No nudity.
Stats--height: 5'3,  weight: 129 lbs,  hair: red,  eyes: hazel,  measurements: 32D-29-38,  size: 4,  shoe: 8
Location--Jacksonville  Gender--Female
Website: ModelHarmony_com - LubovF - Leading Model Community Site
Agency: None.

12/28/10  Ready To Show What I Got!  Posted by:  caressamoore91@yahoo.com
Work Desired--Sophisticated.
Stats--height: 5'7,  weight: 185 lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: brown/green,  measurements: 38C-??-??,  size: 18,  shoe: 9
Location--Jacksonville  Gender--Female
Website: Caressa Moore Facebook
Agency: None.

12/14/10  Miss Angel  Posted by:  htwhtw@verizon.net
Teen model available in the Tampa Bay area - Does have modeling experience. Age appropriate assignments only.
Work Desired--TFP.
Stats--height: 5'0,  weight: 110 lbs,  hair: blonde,  eyes: green,  measurements: ??-??-??,  size: ?,  shoe: ?
Location--Clearwater  Gender--Female
Agency: None.

11/12/10  Heidirae.com Model/Actress  Posted by:  heidirae2000@yahoo.com
HeidiRae Florida bikini postcard model - I am a very experienced commercial model. I have done many promotions, print ads, calendars, etc. I am looking for more agencies and photographers to work with who would like to represent me in my career. Let me know if you are interested in working with me. My website is www.heidirae.com, email: heidirae2000@yahoo.com. Also I'm on modelmayhem, #9704. I have been working in the industry doing modeling, acting, and singing. I hope you contact me back with a number if you want to work with me. Thank you, HeidiRae
Work Desired--Tradeshow.
Stats--height: 5'4,  weight: 118 lbs,  hair: blonde,  eyes: hazel,  measurements: 36DD-24-36,  size: 6,  shoe: 8
Location--Hollywood, FL.  Gender--Female
Website: HeidiRae , models, bikini , hot models, actress, swimwear ,
Agency: Tysum Agency (No contact info given.) onemodelplace.com #9084.

11/11/10  Jasmine's Dream  Posted by:  Jasmine.prettygirl@yahoo.com
Hi. My name is Jasmine. My dream is to be a model. I would love to do a photoshoot for a magazine or website. If there's anyone out there who does photo shoots and needs models, you can contact me.
Work Desired--Magazine, print. No nudity.
Stats--height: ?'?,  weight: ??? lbs,  hair: black,  eyes: brown,  measurements: ??-??-??,  size: ?,  shoe: ?
Location--Jacksonville  Gender--Female
Website: jasmine
Agency: None.

11/05/10  Jessica Phanco  Posted by:  jaylynmodel@yahoo.com
Work Desired--Tradeshow. No nudity.
Stats--height: 5'7,  weight: 110 lbs,  hair: brown/red/blonde,  eyes: blue,  measurements: ??-??-??,  size: 2,  shoe: 7
Location--Fort Pierce  Gender--Female
Agency: Yes. (No name or contact info given.)

08/18/10  Amateur/Freelance Model  Posted by:  rpaulsen1@tampabay.rr.com
I am very outgoing and easy to work with. I love to learn new things and meet new people. I will do as you say, when you say.
Work Desired--Tradeshow.
Stats--height: 5'7,  weight: 102 lbs,  hair: blonde,  eyes: blue/green,  measurements: 31-24-30,  size: 2,  shoe: 8
Location--Apollo Beach  Gender--Female
Agency: None.

08/15/10  Model  Posted by:  lebronb0809@gmail.com
Pay or no pay, it doesn't matter to me. I just really would like to start modeling.
Work Desired--Print.
Stats--height: ?'?,  weight: ??? lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: brown,  measurements: ??-??-??,  size: ?,  shoe: ?
Location--SW FL  Gender--Female
Agency: None.

07/31/10  Acting, Extra, Model  Posted by:  samysosa2004@yahoo.com
Model, acting, events.
Work Desired--Print, tradeshow.
Stats--height: 6'0,  weight: 159 lbs,  hair: black,  eyes: black,  measurements: 28/32,  size: 40,  shoe: 12
Location--Orlando and Miami  Gender--Male
Website: Picasa Web Albums - samysosa2004
Agency: None.

07/29/10  Amateur Model  Posted by:  lovemonichka@mail.ru
Work Desired--Tradeshow. No nudity.
Stats--height: 5'10,  weight: 142 lbs,  hair: blonde,  eyes: grey/blue,  measurements: ??-??-??,  size: 6,  shoe: 9.5
Location--Hollywood, FL  Gender--Female
Agency: None.

07/10/10  Rebekah Faith Welch  Posted by:  bekahsings@gmail.com
Earning money to go to seminary. Love to model and do promos! Good at taking direction, singer/songwriter.
Work Desired--Tradeshow.
Stats--height: 5'6,  weight: 150 lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: blue,  measurements: 38-33-41,  size: 8-10,  shoe: 7.5
Location--Tampa  Gender--Female
Agency: None.

07/05/10  Samara  Posted by:  lin_lei888@yahoo.com.cn
Work Desired--Magazine.
Stats--height: 5'1,  weight: 115 lbs,  hair: black,  eyes: brown,  measurements: 36C-??-??,  size: 3,  shoe: 5
Location--Holly Hill/Daytona Beach  Gender--Female
Web Image: 
Agency: None.

07/02/10  Need a Model?  Posted by:  godsspecialgal@msn.com
Work Desired--Print.
Stats--height: 5'7,  weight: 135 lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: green,  measurements: 37-27-39,  size: 4,  shoe: 9
Location--Kissimmee  Gender--Female
Website: Shelby (Shelby Buchanan) MySpace
Agency: None.

06/05/10  Figure Model  Posted by:  aljor66@hotmail.com
Figure model available for artists. For samples of work, additional link available to drawings/paintings website, please request.
Work Desired--Artistic.
Stats--height: 5'1,  weight: 116 lbs,  hair: black,  eyes: brown,  measurements: 36-29-35,  size: 6,  shoe: 8
Location--Jacksonville  Gender--Female
Website: Mjora's Blog Just another WordPress_com site
Agency: None.

04/18/10  Brytanya Kiss  Posted by:  brytanyakiss@yahoo.com
Work Desired--Tradeshow.
Stats--height: 5'3,  weight: 110 lbs,  hair: red/brown,  eyes: gray,  measurements: 32B-23-34,  size: 2,  shoe: 7.5
Location--Jacksonville  Gender--Female
Website: Miss Kiss (Brytanya Kiss) MySpace
Agency: None.

04/14/10  Kiki Nache  Posted by:  kiaradames@yahoo.com
Work Desired--Tradeshow.
Stats--height: 5'0,  weight: 100 lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: brown,  measurements: ??-??-??,  size: 1,  shoe: 6
Location--Miami  Gender--Female
Website: ModelMayhem_com - Kiki Nache' - Model - Miami, US
Agency: Yes. (No name or contact info given.)

03/24/10  Amateur  Posted by:  allisonbushue@yahoo.com
I love modeling and have the personality for it. I have been in two shows and am looking to gain more experience. I know that I have what it takes!
Work Desired--TFP.
Stats--height: 5'8,  weight: 125 lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: brown,  measurements: 32-33-32,  size: 5,  shoe: 8
Location--Palm Coast  Gender--Female
Website: Allison Bushue (mrsbushue) on Talenthouse
Agency: None.

03/19/10  Babies-Twins-Josiah & Sophia  Posted by:  tlines09@yahoo.com
My twins Josiah & Sophia will be visiting Orlando from April 9th-13th and we are looking to do TFP work. Please visit the website to see some of the professional work they have done. Please email me if interested. Thank you.
Work Desired--Child, print, TFP.
Stats--height: 2'0,  weight: 20 lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: brown,  measurements: N/A,  size: ??,  shoe: ??
Location--Orlando  Genders--Male, female
Website: Twin Models - Home
Agency: None.

03/16/10  Cute New Fresh Face  Posted by:  ekrapes@tampabay.rr.com
Work Desired--Child, print. No nudity.
Stats--height: 3'9,  weight: 40 lbs,  hair: brown,  eyes: brown,  measurements: N/A,  size: 5-6 child,  shoe: 13 child
Location--Lakeland  Gender--Female
Website: Kaitlyn Krapes Talent Profile Modeling Auditions & Casting ExploreTalent baby modeling agents top model
Agency: None.

02/26/10  Amateur Male Model  Posted by:  modeling407@yahoo.com
Work Desired--Print.
Stats--height: 5'6,  weight: 170 lbs,  hair: black,  eyes: dark brown,  measurements: 34/??,  size: ??,  shoe: 8
Location--Orlando  Gender--Male
Website: Amateur Male Model
Agency: None.

02/16/10  African-American Male Model in St. Petersburg  Posted by:  shabazzmodel@yahoo.com
I've worked for Armani, Valentino, and many other top designers for print, commercials and campaigns. My number is 727-865-7567. Serious inquries only. Looking for freelance work and photographers who want to free test.
Work Desired--Print, tradeshow, TFP.
Stats--height: 6'4,  weight: 190 lbs,  hair: black,  eyes: brown,  measurements: ??/??,  size: 42L,  shoe: 12
Location--St. Petersburg  Gender--Male
Agency: None.

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