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Well, these are exciting times.
We stand before the threshold of a new chapter of Florida Models, a chapter, or rather era, which will see this site reach its full potential, and beyond.
We are sure that the founders will be happy about what is going to happen.
The Florida Models a year from now will be a true next-generation talent resource web site, with nothing held back. It will have the latest cutting-edge resources and tools developed by C. A. Passinault and his modeling resource web sites, web sites which have a long and proven track record of innovation and influence, the world’s top talent resource site such as Independent Modeling and Tampa Bay Modeling.
The next-generation Florida Models will be joined by a fleet of new next-generation web sites, too, such as Florida Modeling Industry, New Modeling Industry, and Agency Optional (We have been doing a lot of work and investing a lot of money and resources into what is coming behind the scenes. We have, as one example, invested in more domain names over the past year than at any time in the past 18 years, and we can deploy and manage all of those web sites cost-effectively).

Mobile-Friendly “Design” and the SSL Disaster.
There are some things that have been delaying the new Florida Models web site, however, which are no longer an issue.
At the moment, although we have cracked the code for the mobile-friendly requirement, or “preference” from a certain search engine, it is going to take some time to make a responsive web site. Since we can implement those design features in the future by simply refreshing the entire site after the new code has been added, and there are no real penalties, we are simply going to build and deploy what we have now.
This means that the existing Florida Models web site, the emulated legacy web site, will be eventually archived as an online museum, and the main site will receive a new Athena Class web site, as planned, just like the one which Independent Modeling has. To prepare for that, however, we need to clean up some broken links on this existing site, edit some content, and add more content. Once that is done, the new site can be built and launched.
Then we have the “secure” Internet vision of the same certain search engine, which would prefer that all web sites have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates, even if they do not conduct any e-commerce (SSL is used for sites which do sensitive transactions, such as online purchases, with their users). Frankly, an SSL certificate for an information and resource web site such as Florida Models is ridiculous. It is also prohibitively expensive, and we are NOT going to do it, at least not until SSL certificates come down to the price of domain names (which will happen, or, rather, another type of security certification will go into effect and be available, an affordable one; one or the other has to happen). Rather than close all of our web sites and let the modeling scams and agencies win, we are simply going to do the best that we can with what we have, and hope that the restrictive policies of that search engine backfire, make the search engine less effective, and that they are forced to be less draconian.
We here at Florida Models are not accustomed to reacting to what anyone does, and we are not starting now. We are used to others reacting to what we do, and that it exactly the way that things need to be.
Because the SSL emphasis is insurmountable, well, the mobile-friendly “requirement” is less critical, as a result. We are damned to an extent no matter what we do, so what we need to do is to forge ahead and do the best that we can do considering the circumstances. There is no way in hell that all of this content and all of our web sites can be ignored, and they won’t be, because if they are, the search engine makes itself ineffective and obsolete. Such arrogance is not sustainable, and they can only take this nonsense, penalizing legitimate web sites, so far.
There are a lot of web sites, too. A LOT of them. There is no way that they can be ignored, because we are throwing one hell of a net on the net, covering thousands of subjects.
Because our assets have grown substantially, and it will become obvious and undeniable in the near future that they are effective (and what is going to happen is going to make some people mad), we will be reducing our risk, spreading it out, as well as our potential liability. We will no longer be addressing what anyone does on an individual basis, nor will we be naming names or dropping hints as to what specific people are doing (as of this morning, some content was removed from Tampa Bay Film as a result of this new policy. The blog posts from the old Tampa Film Blog, which are about to be added to the site, will also be edited). We will not be fighting anyone, especially as we no longer have to. We will address the industry as a whole, and will be focusing on activity patterns, risk analysis, verifying references, cross referencing associations (you are what you do and you are whom you associate with), scenario based content, and checks and balances. We will be focusing on prevention, rather than taking unnecessary action.
With all of those web sites, that does not mean that Florida Models will become any less important, or will be neglected, either. Far from it. Florida Models will continue to be a front line web site, and it will be updated more than even the new sites.
Over 150 new web sites will be quickly built and launched, at the rate of up to 6 per day, as “Ghost Class” web sites, which are basically text-only web sites of organized content and foundation directories/ web page files to establish an online foundation and presence (Florida Models, as one of the oldest web sites on the Internet at 20 years old, is already established, so the Ghost Class site tactic will not be used on this site. For Florida Models, the existing content will be locked down and the new web site will simple be built and deployed on top of this one). Each site should place in search engine results in less than a month after launching. These starter web sites will then be replaced with official web sites over time. This process will be complete in less than a year, by the Summer of 2017, and all of those web sites should be fully operational by 2019.
We even have plans in place in the event that search engines no longer lead models to useful web sites like ours. After all, search engines cannot keep the Internet from working (Net Neutrality is another issue which we are keeping our eye on, however, because it is a much more serious threat to the Internet and web sites), nor can they stop links from web sites which are directly marketed, such as sites which are used by the clients of businesses. We will proceed with little regard for what the search engines do from now on, as it should be, because we are going to help models and the industry, and no one is going to dictate what we do.
Simply put, we are not putting all of our proverbial eggs into one basket. We are spreading out our risks and our assets. If one area takes a hit, the others will compensate. If one site is unfairly penalized, too, although this is not the strategy that we are referring to, the others will pick up the slack. Up to 75% of our sites could be crippled and unfairly penalized, and we would still be effective.
Speaking of reducing liability, we are doing something else, too, but we can’t go into that. At least, not now.

New Tactics, Tools, Content, and Modeling Jobs!

The new content and tools coming to Florida Models will be amazing, as well as extremely effective, too. What is on this site now goes back to the late 90's, most of which was being on the site when it launched 20 years ago in 1996. What is coming is as different from what is online now as day and night. The new Florida Models will utilize the latest tactics and tools from 2016 and 2017, and these tactics and tools have evolved from what has been proven over the past 15 years. Site editor C. A. Passinault has even developed tactics which will, literally, force the modeling industry to change, without the acceptance, approval, cooperation, or support of anyone. No one has to believe this claim, either, as it does not require it. What is coming will be impossible to avoid, ignore, or work around, and everyone, the agencies included, will be forced to adapt, if they can. This is not just for Florida, either. We are talking the entire world, and, by default, Florida will be affected.
Then there are the modeling jobs. Oh, the modeling jobs. We are building a fleet of new web sites to specifically address these, but we are also working on new modeling job resources on this web site and our sister web sites. Remember the old days when the only legitimate modeling jobs that you could find and book off of a web site were promotional modeling jobs? Well, we were not happy about that, either. While promotional modeling jobs ARE legitimate, and we are certainly not knocking them, models cannot base a career on them. They are simply not enough. To be successful, the jobs on our modeling job boards need to be the same ones that models used to have to go through the agencies, and be dependent upon the agencies, to book. The modeling jobs have to PAY, too (none of this B.S. with models doing fashion shows for “charity” while the organizers make money exploiting the models as free labor, or jobs for “experience”. We have some new web sites on the way, such as FashionScams.Com, which will directly address this nonsense). Well, with new tools such as our Risk Analysis System, and some other things that we are going to impose upon the industry as a whole, the agency monopoly on those jobs will soon come to an end. This is going to work.
Florida Models web site founder Kitty also had a problem with people stealing content from this web site, too. Well, we have some good news. We have developed new tactics, which work, which will deter people from stealing content from Florida Models. One of these tactics was proven in real-world experience a few weeks ago when we busted a photographer on the east coast of Florida for stealing and plagiarizing content from Florida Models as “his” advice (and it got over 100 “likes” on Facebook! Yay! Glad to see that our information is so useful!). Well, the plagiarism was exposed, and it embarrassed the photographer. His credibility took a hit with a lot of people, too, as he was proven to be a thief and a liar. He will think twice before he does that again!
Speaking of social media, it is known that amateurs pretending to be professionals are using social media as a “free” web site to market whatever it is that they are doing. Our new sites will also introduce checks and balance to keep social media in it place, and to nullify any advantage, especially unfair advantages.
Amateurs misrepresenting themselves as professionals are a problem, too, and their misrepresentation of their qualifications and experience is fraud, which makes them a scam. Those same people are also more prone to rip off others, and to lie, cheat, and steal, which undermines the industry as a whole. Well, we are going to help professionals put them in their place, and new tactics will also force many of them out of the market altogether. They will be forced to shape up and become legitimate, like one already has!
Again, these are exciting times! Please bear with us as we work on this legacy web site and prepare it for archiving as we build a brand new, cutting-edge site, as it is our mission in life to help models and the professionals in the modeling industry. Those whom want to cut corners in the industry and “fake it until they make it”, as well as those whom give models the same outdated bad advice as everyone else (“Ooh, I can refer you to agencies”, or “You HAVE to go through an agency!”) are the ones whom are not going to like what is coming, and we could care less, as they are irrelevant to us and other true professionals.
What is coming is dedicated to both Kitty and Ken, the founders of Florida Models, and our mentors.

07/16/16/0527 - 07/16/16/0631

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