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Real modeling jobs only, please.

The reason for this post is because we keep getting modeling job posts which are pointless or inappropriate, and which we cannot publish.
If you have a real modeling job, which is one in which the model is paid and which is mutually beneficial for both you and the models without it being a conflict of interest for the modeling market which they are working in, please send it in.
If it is a modeling jobs which you used to have to go through a modeling and talent agency to book, this is especially true. Please send it in, and we will post it.
We will also post it at no charge; it is a free service to post modeling job offers to our modeling job boards!
Paying modeling jobs for things such as teen modeling web sites in which models are modeling in attire or in poses which are not age appropriate are not welcome on this web site, however, as are adult modeling jobs such as nude videos, models fighting or wrestling, etc. We will ignore those offers, as we reserve the right to choose what we think is relevant for professional models (if it is risque and the model is marketing themselves or become the actual product, and it is not a modeling job to develop marketing for a service, product, or business, we will NOT publish it, as we do not think that the exploitation of the model, even for pay, is a modeling job professionally relevant for this web site, or any of our sister sites).
Going back to modeling jobs, however, please note that if you make money, the models need to make money, too, even if it is for “Charity. Professional models do not deserve to be exploited as free labor.
We will not accept jobs that are also being advertised on the radio or in print, as well as on television, as we have never seen such modeling job offers turn out to be legitimate; that is how modeling job scams work, and if they are paying out money to market a modeling job offer (especially if it is often and consistent), the models MUST consider how the party with the modeling job is making back their money. It is inappropriate for modeling job offers to be used as bait to sell as model something.
Those whom offer modeling jobs are NOT permitted to seek out new or aspiring models for jobs if they use our modeling job boards; they must seek experienced, professional models. If we find out that they are soliciting new or aspiring models, and that they are considering them for their “jobs”, their job offer posts will be removed and they will be banned from using our job boards.
Any modeling job offer which claims that “no experience is necessary” will be ignored and refused. In our opinion, no business or modeling job in their right mind would seek out unskilled models to work a job, as legitimate modeling jobs have overhead to pay out (among that overhead is what they pay the model) and objectives which will benefit all parties involved. If you ran a business and needed models, would you want amateur models to work your job, or experienced professional models to make it easier to achieve?
Modeling is a very difficult profession, and to imply or state that it is easy and that you don’t need any experience to book and work a modeling job is not only an insult to professional models, but we have to wonder if something else is going on, something unethical, where aspiring models are going to be baited in with the promise of being considered for a modeling job only to be sold something.
If you are offering a modeling job, it is our opinion that it is unethical and that it is a conflict of interest to sell the models who respond anything, or to require them to buy anything in order to be “considered”. Qualified professional models already have portfolios, composite cards, and experience, anyway, and are not in the market for anything that you are selling. On the flip side, amateur models who ARE in need of such tools and services are NOT eligible for any modeling jobs, so if you are in business to sell such things, be honest about what you are really in business to do. Using modeling jobs as bait in order to sell a model something is, in our opinion, unethical and misleading; a deceptive trade practice which could be fraud. Don’t be a scam.
We would like to think that you are smart enough to be able to figure out how to run a legitimate business. We want real modeling jobs, and not scams.

Of middlemen and Florida modeling and talent agencies.
If you are not the actual party offering the modeling jobs, too, and are acting as a middleman to refer models to a modeling jobs, you cannot make a dime from referring models to those jobs, in the state of Florida, unless you are a licensed talent agency with a TA# (this goes double for model managers, which, in our opinion, are not legitimate businesses unless they have a talent agency license. We also can’t see any way that any kind of model management could be a legitimate business in Florida, unless it is done under an agency license, and then your get into the other problems, such as being a working conflicts of interest, and that the agency is supposed to work for the model, etc. Models just need to manage themselves). Can models trust you and your business sense if you run a business where you work for free? Can you do anything for them? We didn’t think so!
Speaking of modeling and talent agencies, they are a middleman, and they work FOR the models whom they represent. A talent agency is only permitted to make money by finding work for the models and by referring them to those jobs; when the model books the job, the agency makes money by charging the model commission (usually 15-20%) as well as the modeling job commission (usually 15-20%), for a total commission from the job of 30% to 40% of what the job pays out, made from charging commission between the model and the modeling job. THAT is the ONLY way that a legitimate modeling and talent agency is permitted to make money!
Since talent agencies work FOR the models whom they represent, they have no business managing the models or telling them what to do with unsolicited advice, because that would be like an employee trying to tell their employer what to do. Also, it is our opinion that it is a professional conflict of interest to allow an agency to manage your modeling career and to guide your career (another reason why we can’t see how any model management business in Florida can be legitimate). How? Simple. The agency also works for your competition, which are other models whom they also represent. With someone whom is working for you also working for your competition, can you see how taking advice from them may not be in your best interest? Can you trust their advice? If you are a business and your sales people were also working for your competition, would you lets your sales people tell you how to run your business, and, for that matter, would you be cool with that?
Realizing this makes all of the people promoting that the modeling and talent agencies, and going through them and being dependent upon them, is the only way to have a career as a model look like idiots, doesn’t it? It also makes the models thinking that they have to go through an agency look like idiots. Well, when they don’t know what in the hell they are doing, despite what they say, what do your expect them to say? They are going to be a mindless follower and say what everyone else is saying, and that means that they are useless to the career of any model!
Many modeling and talent agencies in Florida are scams, too, and some of them bait models in with the promise of booking modeling jobs in order to sell them something or make money referring models to services. Many of these agency scams are known as photo mills, and they exist not to find and refer model into modeling jobs as they claim, but to sell the models services or to make money referring models to services that they may or may not need. These agencies are useless, and few of them actually follow through on their promise to find and book (refer) the models whom they represent into jobs after the models pay for something, especially since it is easier making money that way instead of working for find jobs for the models.
The only way to make sure that an agency is legitimate it to limit their options, and to make sure that the only way that they can make money doing their jobs finding and referring you into modeling jobs. This is why it is important to find a photography company or a photographer whom specializes in modeling portfolios and talent photography and invest in a modeling portfolio and composite cards BEFORE you go to any talent agency.
Another thing about agencies. They are a middleman and they take commission from both the model and the modeling jobs. They make things more expensive. There is no point of having a modeling job board on our web site if we were to enable the agency way of getting modeling jobs.
For those models and people who think that the agency way is the only way and that being represented by a talent agency makes them legit, think again. The agencies refer you to the modeling job.... They don’t book you into it! Once you go to the go-see (audition), or still have to close the deal on your own. What, did you think that the agency agent was going to go with you and help sell you? Agencies REFER models to modeling jobs, they don’t close the deal (the exception would be if it was an emergency and the modeling job needed a model immediately, and that is not common).
Also, it is our opinion that models whom use their agencies to screen modeling jobs on their own are idiots, doing their agency’s jobs for them, especially when we have information and tools which help models screen jobs on their own. Make the agencies work for you. Don’t do their work for them, especially when they won’t discount the commission that they will charge you.
What is the point of using modeling job boards to find modeling jobs if you are just going to refer you to your agent? Will you be able to compete with other professional models when you make things harder to book you, and add to their overhead (you are more expensive to hire)? Why wouldn’t the party offering the modeling job simply just go through an agency to begin with instead of using a modeling job board if they wanted to deal with agencies; don’t they have a choice? Is it cool to force your agency on them? As you can see, doing the work of your agent is not smart, and you will lose work over it. If you can’t think for yourself and if you are not smart enough to evaluate modeling job offers on your own, you may as well just stick to the agencies and leave your career at their mercy, as you won’t be able to compete with other professional models.
We will not accept modeling job offers from any talent agency, as the point of our modeling job board is to cut out the middleman and go around the agencies.

Professional Collaborations (TFP/TFCD)
Which brings us to collaborations, and how we define them.
Sometimes, experienced professionals collaborate to do things such as add to their portfolios, which are already established, and to create images for marketing and promotion. While models should get paid for any images used for marketing, there are exceptions. As an example, if the model is usually paid, and the photographer is usually paid, and they are not in the market for what the other offers (the models does not need a modeling portfolio, and the photographer does not need a portfolio), their collaboration is mutually beneficial and the pay that they would normally make would cancel each other out. IF neither will directly make money from collaborating, it is usually beneficial, AND the time spent does not conflict with the availability to book paying work (there are no conflicts with scheduling, and the collaboration does not interfere with paying work or booking paying work), then the collaboration may be considered. In that case, it MAY work, but it is the exception to the rule of business.
Collaborations are a great way for established, experienced professionals to network. That said, most professionals are very busy with paid work, and they need to concentrate on that, and any collaborations will be the exception to the rule of working a career; no professional can collaborate all of the time, and 10% or less of their career spent collaborating is a rule of thumb.
Another exception, too, is the evaluation collaboration, in which the models collaborates with the intention of being evaluated for a job; these are the best types of collaboration if the job being offered is worthwhile.
Unless the model specializes in boudoir, glamour, and nude modeling, collaborations in these areas ARE a conflict of interest with mainstream modeling and should be avoided; it will cripple the mainstream marketability of a model and will make it much harder for them to compete with professional models and to book modeling jobs. Collaborations in these types of high risk modeling should also be avoided; models who do this need to get paid, and paid a lot more than most modeling jobs.
Oh, and collaborations are for evenly matched professionals, only. If one professional is in the market for what the other professional is in business to offer, it would be foolish to collaborate, because you are throwing away money and undermining your business. Also, we will NOT accept collaboration offers for anyone looking for amateurs, such as aspiring models, to “collaborate” with in some sort of TFP/ TFCD “arrangement”, as no professional would do that, as it is not sustainable in a business (unless you were dumping the market in an attempt to undermine your competition, or are misleading models in order to sell to them, and we are not going to help you do that, either). We have seen way too many unethical “photographers” over the years bait in new models with the promise of TFP to build their portfolio, only to try to turn it into a paying job by not being honest with the model and giving them watermarked, low resolution pictures for their “portfolio” in an attempt to force them to buy the images (a big reason why we will not allow posts from “professionals” looking to “collaborate” with amateurs in TFP sessions, just like we will not allow modeling “job” posts from anyone looking to book amateurs.... It just doesn’t add up, and it is too risky) .
Collaborations are for professionals, only.

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